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DoddiTech's whole range of IT desciplines is unmatched in the industry.  We have proven to be a vital resouce in support of client project initiatives.  Through our solutions, we are able to provide technology resources, consulting and project-based solutions.


The combined services of DoddiTech and our partners provide our customers with comprehensive IT solutions.  We are one of the total solutions provider in the country.


Our structured approach and services methodology differentiates DoddiTech from other companies.  Our process starts with assessing and documenting your business requirements goals.  Once the requirements are approved by all the stakeholders, we will create a project plan with detailed steps required to complete the project within the estimated cost.  A well-trained project manager will be assigned to you and he/she makes sure that our solutions are deployed according to your best practices and completed successfully.  Our goal is to provide flexible and efficient IT architecture to address and resolve your business challenges.


Our team of experts scans through your architecture to make sure that there are no hidden problems and continually look for ways to helping you to create optimized environments.

The process ends with educating and training our clients on the technology solutions we deployed so that they have full knowledge and control over their environments and obtain optimal benefits.


Professional Services

DoddiTech’s comprehensive professional services help you to manage your IT assets effectively and find ways to optimize your IT infrastructure.  Our experienced and dynamic professionals work with you as partners, from resolving every day issues to set a vision for your company’s technology future and help you to get there.


Our highly-trained, experienced and dedicated consultants work to the success of our clients.  Our long-standing relationships with the industry's best tech latent allows us to find and place highly skilled technology and engineering professionals with our clients.We connect the most talented technical and engineering professionals with the best technology projects in the industry.  

Our distinct, complementary staffing augmentation services include:

Project-based consultants

Contract to permanent staffing

Permanent staffing.


Big Data

Big Data is revolutionizing the way the businesses and the governments operate today.   This technology can be applied across a broad spectrum of industries and many areas of organizations including customer service, marketing and support, finance, supply chain management.


As you know, the data has been growing exponentially both internally and externally, including real time data from sensors, IT systems, web stores, social media etc. The flow of new data offers an opportunity to gain unprecedented insight and power to change business operations.


It is important to derive business intelligence from large datasets to improve operations, reduce costs, attract and new customers and grow revenue.  Most importantly, this allows understanding your customers and making important decisions.


Our Big Data solutions help the organizations to mine and analyze large unstructured data sets including documents, web pages, e-mails from different sources and formats and provide you with deeper insights into business patterns and trends and help you to drive competitive advantage.

Our data analytics team will work with you to from the beginning of the process to post-implementation support.  Using IBM’s Infosphere Data Explorer, our team will train you on navigate and search over a broad range of applications, data sources and data formats and present the information from these sources throughout the enterprise.



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